Heyo this is just me showing how I go about translating.


Firstly, Pick a series, We’ll go with Pervert Healer as an example. After choosing a series Make sure it’s not currently being translated, If it is, Make sure to ask the current translator! Don’t be an a**, It just makes everybody’s day worse!

To check make use of uncle google! Also heck Novel Updates And similar sites, Such as Aho-Updates And wlnpdates, Also check the previous translator(s) sites. Once you’re sure it’s not currently being translated get the link to the raws (Non translated), Usually you can find them on the previous translator’s site, Or on the Novel Update Forums, Either of those or you’ll have to search around on the internet a bit.

The raws for Pervert healer are here Pervert healer raws, Once on the page, Click on the chapter you’re gonna translate.

Usually in the URL it will have the corresponding chapters number, For example the URL for chapter one is Notice the “1” at the end, This is usually the case unless there is a prologue or something else.

After that I usually copy/paste the chapter contents into notepad (windows), After doing so I open TA (Translation Aggregator), Copy/paste the text into TA and use my knowledge of the English language to turn confusion into dreams! *Que the rainbows and Unicorns*

The Translator Aggregator download is Here You need 7zip to extract the files, Winrar won’t work, I spent a long time to figure this out…
NOTE: THE ADS ON THE HONGFIRE FORUM ARE R18+ you’ve been warned, Don’t blame me for a bad/good experience


If the sentence is too confusing for me I’ll usually copy from comma to comma (Chop up the sentence), However sometimes it doesn’t flow unless you copy/paste the whole sentence so I’ll copy bits of it, From comma to comma into different translator boxes and add em up!

If it still doesn’t flow right, Try and google “*Word that doesn’t flow right* synonyms” and see if the synonyms for the word are any better! After that I reread it and run it through microsoft word, So I can spell check.

I then post it on wordpress and do a bunch of shameless self promotion on various websites, Like Novel Update Forums and some others.

Anyway, That’s about it, If I have trouble with TL’ing something there’s a section for that on NUF (Novel Updates Forums).

Thanks for reading!
Since you’ve now read this, And know how to MTL, Start translating so I have more to read! 😀


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