Fox Ears and A Different World Journey

(Kitsune mimi to iku i sekai tsuāzu) Fox ears and a different world journey

Synopsis: *Unfinished

「This, What is this…?」
One early spring afternoon, Hinokasa Raita Discovered a mysterious cave at the foot of a mountain, Where a fox ear beauty was said to be present, With Susukino ship began an investigation into the cave together, As a different world hole (Assumed) came out and spread fast…

This, Is a person who’s story has ended already.

While worrying about the difference between ideals and reality. This is a story of a boy and girl who (For these people) have gotten their fill of power.
Kitsune, Ogre, The different world adventure account over a variety of worlds with unique comrades such as fairies….
ある春先の昼下がり。陽傘頼太(ひのかさ らいた)は山の麓で謎の洞窟を発見し、その場に居合わせた狐耳の美女、薄野扶祢(すすきの ふね)と共にその洞窟への調査へと乗り出した。異世界ホール(仮)を抜けた先に広がるのは…。
妖狐、オーガ、妖精など個性的な仲間達と共に様々な世界を巡る異世界冒険記……でもあり、狐耳他の精神的に恥ずかしい姿を激写するコメディ風味のぶらり異世界漫遊記ともなります。じわじわとお楽しみいただければ幸いですm(_ _)m