The Spearmaster and The Black Cat chapter 5

Episode 5 ~ New Power and Determination

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I was able to acquire the <Throwing> skill as well as the <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed> skill.
I was able to understand <Throwing> easily, But I haven’t felt <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed> very much yet at all…

「That feeling that my body was changing…」

As I was excited my voice naturally leaked out.
It seems in this world, You can acquire a skill according to your actions.

Picking up the torch I threw, I bring the burning light close to my body, Looking at my hands and feet, I feel my face.

My appearance hasn’t changed, All I’ve seen is normal.

<Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>…

This ability raises the limit of my speed.
It feels like I know what kind of skill it is, But I’ll try verifying.

「Skill Status」

A semitransparent screen appears in front of me.

Skill Status

Acquired Skills: <Throwing> : <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>

Permanent Skills: <True Shinso Bloodline> : <Demonic Eyes of Charm> : <Innate Magic Talent> : <Torrent of Light Darkness> : <Blood Sucking> : <Increased Physical Ability> : <Increased Magic Ability> : <Undying> : <Hyper Intestinal Absorption>

Special Skills: <Instant Language Comprehension> : <Crest of Light> : <Chain Factor> : <Cerebral Demon Spinal Revolution>

While playing with the status screen I touch the <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed> skill, Which is the derivation of the special skill <Cerebral Demon Spinal Revolution>.

※Cerebral Demon Spinal Revolution※
→<Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>
→ ? ? ?

? ? ? That means, It’s the same as <Chain Factor>, Do I have to learn it?

I touch <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>. I see the details.

※<Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>※
Invoking conditions are required for some level of ability.
Constant adrenaline secretion and noradrenaline secretion are required inside the brain.
By contiunally increasing new blood vessels and nerve networking from the brain to the spine, Explosive physical speed is achieved.

After use of skill, Physical ability rises drastically for 20 seconds.
It’s impossible to use continuously, Cool time 20 seconds.

An explanation was given for the skill.

The semitransparent window then closed.

It seems to be a speed raising type of skill afterall. Cool time 20 seconds?

Nn, Even so, Blood is sticking on my right hand.
I try to shake it off, But the blood stays.

「Speaking of which, Blood is blood…」

I glance at the wet blood sticking to my right hand while muttering quietly.
I need “Blood”

「I will eventually mummify if I don’t drink blood」

By chance, Is it possible monster blood is okay?
I try licking the blood on my finger to try.

「… Uh huh」

It’s unexpectedly delicious.

I lick my finger quickly.
That blood is such a treat…

I felt a natural “Taste” for the blood.
As expected, It affects my heart and thinking?

Maybe it will.

Because I was able to drink blood, There is five days until the negative effects from the ability, I need “Blood” but I can supply it from a monster or animal.

Speaking of Vampires, I remember there was a condition of drinking “Virgin Blood” to release the <True Shinso Bloodline> Permanent skill.

Though I checked before reincarnating, I’ll check it again.

I touch the <True Shinso Bloodline> permanent skill.

※True Shinso Bloodline※
→ ? ? ?

※True Shinso Bloodine※ Release condition, Virgin Blood is required.
The power of the Vampire’s true ancestor is released by drinking the blood of a virgin. During that time two phases of “Maximum Charm” advance in progress quickly, And you acquire an exclusive skill.

Vampire’s true ancestor, This phrase reminds me of the vampire’s creator…

During reincarnation, It displayed something about a blood sucking God.

More simple questions pass in my mind.

Is just one drop of Virgin Blood okay?
Does the partner who is drunk from die?
Will the person who drinks my blood become my underling?

Or maybe, Just taking a little blood when I drink blood will be okay.

I have simple questions and various doubts in my mind.
Though, I think I’ll understand when I drink blood.

Oh, Temporarily, I’ll postpone a virgin…
The human who I drink blood from first, Should I try “People who are prepared to die”…

Hey, The person may die.


I hold my face in my hands while dry laughter leaked out.

I’m half disgusted that I had such a cruel thought suddenly and naturally.

…Afterall, It seems my mind is changing little by little.

「Is it because I tasted blood?」

Aloud, I asked the dark cave.
Naturally, The dark cave didn’t answer
(TN: Rude)

Oh, It’s too late now. I’m the one who made the first choice.

I widen my eyes, Creasing the middle of my forehead.

I made a tight fist, Throwing all the strength of my body into my arm I hit the wall to my side with my fist.

A dull sound echoes through the cave.
Small stones fall and patter from the impact.

My hand hurts…

The wall and my fist has a trace of bright red blood, Around the mark on my fist the veins are split.

It’s enormous. The power of the Vampire lineage.
My race now is Lucivault.

But my fist is painful and bleeding.
I open my fist, Tasting the sense of pain.

… My fist is throbbing and aching.

However, My fist is recovering from the wound steadily.

All of the events occurring are really happening in reality.

I stare ahead in the cave, There’s nothing but darkness.
I extended my hand into the darkness, Again, I make a fist while moving my hand as if to grasp something.

And, Again, I make a fist once I open my palm again.

Drinking blood is necessary.
I’m not the old me anymore. “I’ll become stronger”

In this dark, Underground world, I am changed.

From what I imagined, Isn’t it quite different?
I’ll adapt to this dark world underground, And I’ll fight…

「– I’ll survive」

I don’t know if it was the result of repeating the same thoughts, But I felt quite fine.
I grasp the torch and advance to the depths of the dark cave.


It showed 6:00 PM when I looked at the watch.
Here, Rocks and stones are scattered in large amounts.

Picking up a stone, I try to throw it and feel <Throwing>.
I tried throwing while sometimes running and extending the chain.

However, This dark and gloomy cave seems to still spread out.

The light from the torch… How long will it last?

While walking I worry.
The cave descended slightly and I noticed it slanted.
Dejectedly, I continue down the slope.
With the light of the torch, The surroundings were being illuminated.

I wonder if it’s man-made.

The design of the walls and floor of the cave have changed while advancing through the slope.

I want to see it more clearly.
Thinking that, I brought the torch close to the wall and stared.

Surely, This is something an intellectual entity created
There are traces of shaves and also digging marks.

I go down the slope while touching the wall.
When a large line forms in the wall, The cave turns into a completed stone corridor.

The ceiling and the floor were spread in a quadrilateral stone corridor without any gaps.
The walls to the side look like the stone walls in a Japanese castle.

I advance through the stone walled passage.
Then, I discovered there is a shelf dented into the right wall.
On the shelf, There were small statues and art.

The stuff is reminiscent of Earth’s ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilization.

This confirms that “Some civilization” surely made it.

I pick up a small statue, And enjoy being somewhat moved.
When I was going to put the statue back on the shelf, I saw a light in the inner parts.


I involuntarily spoke out
Are there living creatures there?

While thinking that, I throw away the statue I picked up and run with the torch.

Besides, There’s only one torch.

In the wall there is a small groove, Which I put the torch near.

The torchlight lit up the corridor clearly.
The gently-slanting slope seems like it’s descending as a spiral.

The torch I have seems to burn out and I toss it, Abandoning it, Ciao.

From here it’s bright.
After dumping the torch I go down the spiral whirlpool-like corridor going round and round visibly.

However, This corridor… I have the illusion I’m walking endlessly through, Like a giant snail on a sedge.
Though I’m not getting tired, Walking round and round like this is unpleasant.

There’s a change.

It was a spiral staircase which seemed to continue endlessly, As if granting my wish, It changed from a gentle slant to a steep slope.

But, It changed too much!
Is it a slide… It’s such a steep slope I added a tsukkomi in my mind!

Because the unevenness was greatly reduced here and there, It is more like stairs, I descend while using the steps.

I discovered an iron door inward after descending the stone slope.

A ragged iron door.

The iron door seems to have a handle to open it, However it seems to be locked as no matter how much strength I put into opening it, It won’t budge.
The door didn’t open.

「No way!」

I kick the iron door while muttering in resignation.
The iron became limp and dented, It now has a foot hole.

Maybe, Eh.

A large amount of sand flows in from there, And is gaining momentum.
The sand continued increasing in force. The iron door lost to the pressure of the sand and flew open.

A large amount of sand overflowed from the inside at the same time, A quicksand torrent has been created.
(TN: He was sucked into the door, Further down the spiral, Sorta like an undertow I think)

I’m also covered in sand while I repeatedly pierce the chain into the upper part, Somehow maintaining a posture where I was kept from being completely buried, But I’m not able to go against the flow of the sand.

Along the way, I discovered another door, Yet the river of sand does not stop.

However, While buttsurfing I was pushed out towards the end of the spiral corridor suddenly.

I fell onto the hard ground with my ass.

(TN: Japanese: Itatata. English: Ow ow ow, Or, Hot damn my ass hurts!)

The place I was pushed out of from… There’s no slope, But it cut the corridor midway.
The outlet makes a heavy thudding noise, And is buried by a large amount of sand.

That was dangerous. I was about to be buried alive.
I look back towards the rear.

And here–.

「Oh, Wide…」

The large space spread out here.

It looks like the remains of an ancient Shinto shrine.
The ceiling of this side is low, But rises the further you go.
It was a structure that as you went further, The depths gradually spread diagonally.

In the depths of the shrine, Where the ceiling rises, Many large stone pillars can be seen supporting the pressure from the top.

The large columns were definitely on the same level as those in Parthenon in Greece
Red light is burned on the pillar.

The light of a torch.

…Hmm? Sound…

A sound like the footsteps of a group echoed from the right.
I can see a wall, But footsteps are audible on the other side of the wall.

Is it from an echo?

Judging from here, Suppose the place I fell from is the entrance of the shrine, Then, Where I am now is at the rounded corners of the bottom of a U shape?
(TN: He entered at the top left of a ‘U’, Now he’s on the bottom, He hears footsteps from the right -Bottom right corner of the U- because they’re echoes coming from the top-middle right side of the U… If that’s less confusing… I’ll draw a picture)

(TN: Picture EDIT: He may have entered from below the ‘U’)

According to this, There is space in front and the wall leads to the left and right. As expected, It’s U-shaped.

For now I look to the right side where I heard footsteps.
I move along the right wall…

I approach the wall at a trot.

A relief had been carved into the wall. [1]

Huh, It’s a great piece of art.

Residents full of fantasy like the Humans, Elves with long ears, Beastmen, And small dwarves with durable weapons, It was a relief where they waged war with the goblins of the forest.

The majority of what has been carved has disappeared, I don’t know the details, But the color and shapes barely remain.
While looking at the relief I move along the wall.

Arriving at the corner, I moved my face to where the noise was audible and peeped out to see the state of the other side.





Extra Skills changed to Special Skills


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