The World Has Become A Death Game and It’s Fun chapter 5

Chapter 5
Changed World 5

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Well, I’ll finally use the long awaited Ultra Sales.
Perhaps starting with Bulletin Board would have been better, But I opened Ultra Sales anyway.

Here, As expected, I seem to be able to trade points for various things.
For example, “One day’s worth of food” is sold at 50P, On the contrary, for 100P I can get 10,000 Yen.

Aside from weapons and armor, There are things from daily necessities to medicine, There are even toys and various items from every genre, But among

them the thing that interests me most is of course the “Skills Section”.

The skills were further categorized into.

“Magic” “Fighting Skills” “Everyday Skills” and “Other”.
Shinji takes a look at “Other”.
Shinji already had a Skill he wanted to choose, So he went to check if it was there.

Acquire Additional Experience 3000P
Decrease Necessary Level Experience 3000P
Level Up Adjustment 5000P
Increase Acquired Proficiency 3000P
Decrease Necessary Proficiency 3000P
Adjust Job 5000P
Increase HP Regeneration Rate 2000P

Among other things, Shinji found the skill he was looking for.

Prodigy 10000P.
Effect: During level up, Increase growth rate of HP, MP, SP, Strength, Agility, Perception, and Charm.

It is a skill that increases the growth rate of basic stats.
It’s better to use such a thing at the lowest level possible.
Also since it’s better than buying them individually, Shinji purchases “Prodigy”.

Remaining: 1010P.

Although he was interested in magic, He cannot purchase it because he meets almost none of the requirements for use.

Only elementary level “Everyday Magic” can be purchased for 50P.
They seem to be able to give a fire like a lighter and Enough water to fill a glass, But I probably won’t need that.
It was a similar case with “Fighting Skills”.

What I can purchase are realistic skills such as Kendo, Karate and Judo, Not the skills you can find in fantasy like Overflowing Fighting Spirit or


I’m able to purchase about half of the “Everyday Skills”, But the contents are only skills like dish washing, Cooking and Mental math.

(Should I save the rest of my points?)
(TN: Yeah ask that AFTER you spend 10k… rich bastards :,( )

After Shinji checked the skills briefly, He shut the tablet off.

There were several I wanted to purchase, But can’t because I don’t meet the requirements.
Because I was able to buy weapons and a skill to fight unarmed, I don’t feel like there would be a problem fighting humans who became like the “Death

Ogre” one at a time.

Shinji decided to patrol the 5th floor, For the sake of levelling up rather than for security.

Shinji expects that the requirements for the skills that can’t be purchased are probably level and job.
He wanted to raise the Ordinary Person proficiency to 5, So he can change it.

The fifth floor has nine classrooms.
Music classroom, Home economics classroom, Science classroom, Art classroom, Audio-video room, and 4 temporary classrooms where they teach

various classes. World history is among them

The school building is divided into the east and west sides, Of which Shinji is currently in the west side.
The west side contains the Music classroom, Home economics classroom, Science classroom and One temporary classroom.
Shinji opens the door of the home economics classroom to investigate it.

And immediately closes it.

There was a female student who had a horn on her head, A death ogre.
A female student wearing an apron.

Watching from a long distance, She didn’t seem to have any damage to her legs or face.
Shinji still did not have the courage to hurt such a girl.
I decide to watch and wait for her to come out of the home economics classroom, But she showed no signs of it, So I decided to check the other classrooms.
(TN: Shinji – Mr leg fetish [Nothing wrong with that though])

On the way to the science classroom, I discovered a male student.

He had a horn on his forehead, To the right of the crotch bulged, No matter how I see it, It’s a male death ogre.

Shinji attacked the male student gleefully
(TN:Can’t have males in the undead harem right? Atleast he’s not collecting loli’s… Yet…)

(My body feels light!)

Shinji was surprised at his acceleration that seemed as if there was a strong wind behind him.
As the level rises, Physical ablility probably improves aswell.
Unaware of Shinji’s approach, The male student’s head was cut in half from the nose up.


Shinji, While surprised about his own physical abilities, Cuts off the male students horn, After doing so the male student’s body deteriorates like ash.

「The body disappears… After I take the material?」

Shinji while feeling a little surprised, Pocketed the horn without minding it much.
After that Shinji checked each classroom in the west side including the rest room and Defeated four death ogres. Other than the first female student which

he spared in the home economics classroom, The rest were male.

By the way, I didn’t check the female restroom
(TN: \_(0_0)_/ i mean you coulda…)

If I were to have found a girl with beautiful legs, I most likely wouldn’t been able to defeat her.
(TN: same dude…)
Furthermore, Shinji’s level rose to 3.
Job: Ordinary Person ☆4
HP: 170
MP: 130
SP: 100
Strength: 20
Agility: 17
Perception: 28
Charm: 13
Luck: 10
Skills: <Prodigy>
Points: 1050P

I became stronger, To the point where I can feel that my body is light.
Shinji looked at his stats while walking through the hallway connecting buildings.
Now he would be able to defeat a group of death ogres at the same time.

Shinji opens the audio-visual room door.
Not thinking at all, Carelessly.


Shinji froze
Just a while ago I thought even if there was a group of enemies I would be able to win.

However, That’s in the case of two or three.

In the audio-visual room there was a crowd.
10, 20, Maybe even an entire class.
The male student cum death ogre closest to, Attacked Shinji.
(TN: Male student cum death ogre means he became a death ogre, K pervs?)

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