New projects + Linkbucks situation update

Aye there fellow leechers! I’d just like to let you all know that I’ve contacted Chronos and am now the translator of pervert healer!

I’ve also picked up another new series!

(Kitsune mimi to iku i sekai tsuāzu) Fox ears and a different world journey Raw link
Oh yeah around 45 people have clicked my linkbucks links as of today, Earning me a total of about $.04 (4 cents), So yeah, Thanks for clicking ^_^ only $17.96 until we become! And we create a blood sucking cul– erhm A community of leeching weebs who enjoy light novels ^_^
Enjoy the new series.
Also a reminder all of my series are *At least* weekly!

Vamparis ~ Patriarch of the Leecher sect