Fox Ears and A Different World Journey Prequel

Part 1/2

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This is a prologue-like episode before the main volume in chronological order.
As this is before the main volume, The main part can be enjoyed without reading this especially.
For those who don’t like these kind of foreword, Please skip.
(TN: lol you are gonna read this especially biatches… Unless you wanna wait 5ever for translations ofc)
(TN: This was released April 30th 2016, First chapter was released June 2015)

In this place Light and darkness confront each other.
On one hand a person who is symbolized as the hope and desire of humanity and On the other hand, A person who led and protected the demon’s existence.

「–I, We, Are we really beings that should be destroyed? 」
「Answer, Agent of God!」

Now, Me and the hero are sealed together in the threshold of time, Our last destination was met.
A holy sword has pierced deeply into my chest, The radiance probably won’t dim until the burning on my body has resided.

And the Hero, He is swallowed by the Charm of Darkness which I cast as the price for piercing the holy sword through me and he is eroded until the depths of his soul are exhausted.

We are both fatally wounded, The battle between the Demon King and the Hero has ended here, The world will probably obtain peace for a while.
But… I still have one question at my time of death.

The hero is the Agent of God, This is a tradition handed down from ancient.
Also in our own history, It has been confirmed In the past where a person called God ascended to heaven.
However, It should have been easy at the time if God wanted to harm me, When something like God exists, Without using any agents, Don’t they finish the story using their own hands by themselves?
Since the time of the raid on the Demon city by the human race which included the hero. The option of reconciliation had been taken away when the war begun. Bloodshed between the races for several years from the background followed. Each race’s hatred kept collecting without the opportunity to discuss what the cause of this was.
As for this little amount time we have together, Is it not to show each other our true hearts And isn’t it probably an opportunity where we can obtain a chance to solve the mystery?
(TN: Huge a** block of confuzzling text :,( )

「I wonder, So Hero, No, You were a hero, Now you’re just a lone human, You and I, My Demon race… Was there a way? A road in which we could walk hand in hand?」
「I’m sorry, If only we realized sooner…」
「~~Is that so」

The words and expression of the Hero was full of bitterness, We’ve sympathized in dying.
Just before being sealed in the thresholds of time, We saw it. The distorted figure of the High Priest who waited near the hero. At that time the end was forced upon the lone Hero.
Even if I’m the worst, I had no choice but to take ruthless measures in order to bring it to even a draw, But with his facial expression it didn’t seem to be so.
(TN: Basically by hero-kuns expression he doesn’t think demon king-kun is the worst evarr!11!!)

「I’m sorry, Mankind and you were also victims, I want to solve the erosion of darkness, But it has already eaten this deeply, I can’t even help myself either. As an offering at least, I’ll also perish quietly together with you」
「… Really, I’m sorry!」

Ahh, This holy sword, When it destroys a demon it conveys it. As expected having a battle at this time wasn’t his true intention.
My soul has also begun to seal because of this body which belongs to a demon, It’s also wrapping me in warmth at the same time.
My doubt and the doubt of God aren’t exhausted yet, I surely won’t be able to solve it. It’s regrettable, But I have to hand it over to the next generation. I’ll retire from this stage quietly.

This was the last moment of my soul which has become mere residue, It was the memory of my last moment – – –

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